GQ059-Engineer Dynamic Check, CP8 Audit 汽车动力学检测,CP8 审核
  • 吉林省-长春
  • 工作经验:3-5年

Description Business Unit (BU):  

The business unit "Processplanning/-steering Whole Vehicle CP8" is responsible for the final release of the Audi FAW NEV Company cars. For this release we are driving our cars, make statical and functional controls to ensure the conformity of production. Our main goal is to keep our costumer satisfied. 

Summary Tasks/Responsibilities

  • Your task will be processsteering and -improvement of the final vehicle liberation 
  • You will control, lock and liberate with our quality worker each produced vehicle of the company in the shifts 
  • Your main goal will be the liberation of failure free vehicles  
  • You are responsible for the planning of the final car liberation, driving test or the IT quality system use   
  • You will define and develop our quality processes and systems and you will teach our quality personal for the right use of them 
  • You will work together with analysis, quality, production and logistic departments  
  • You are ensuring that our quality actions finish successfully  
  • You are taking the initiative to get our team and our processes each day better  


1. 国内统招大学本科及以上学历,或已取得教育部留学服务中心认证的“学历学位认证书”的本科及以上学历留学生。

Full-time domestic undergraduate degree or above, or international students with undergraduate degree or above.

2. 具备3年及以上相关工作经验。

3 years or more relevant working experience.

3. 国内高校毕业生大学英语四级(CET-4 425分)及以上;海外高校毕业生须达到同等水平;较好的英语或德语阅读能力,能够进行日常对话。

Graduates from domestic universities with CET-4 425 or above; graduates from overseas universities must reach the same level; good reading ability in English or German and able to conduct daily conversation.