Head of Data Protection 数据安全经理
  • 吉林省-长春-绿园区
  • 工作经验:5-10年


Reporting and communicating with authorities such as CAC, MIIT and etc. (including the requirements under Several Provisions on Automotive Data Security Management released by CAC)

Customer Contact for personal data protection related issues, processing the data subject’s requests and coordinate the relevant internal stakeholders.

Lead, monitoring and draft the data protection related reports submitting to the competent authorities

Making the internal policy and data processing protocols; Conduct regular check on data processing record

Monitor compliance with data protection laws, regulations, company policies and processing protocols

Advise on data protection and privacy related topics in company major projects, together with related stakeholders (four-eyes principles)

Conduct regular data compliance audit; Advise and ensure a legally cross-border data transfer

Data classification, Data security technology measures guidance/decision (together with IT Security)

Liaise and coordinate with VW affiliates, brands (in and out of China) and JVs about data protection topics, implement group level policies and practices related to data protection

Lead and supervise the process of conducting DPIA; Contingency plan making and implementation

Performing individual task-related duties in accordance with the knowledge and experience of the position holder.

Advising other people holding positions at Audi FAW NEV Company, its subsidiaries/associate companies, or cooperating organizations upon request and in consultation with the appropriate people responsible.


1. 国内统招大学本科及以上学历,或已取得教育部留学服务中心认证的“学历学位认证书”的本科及以上学历留学生。

Full-time domestic undergraduate degree or above, or international students with undergraduate degree or above.

2. 具备5年及以上相关工作经验。

5 years or more relevant working experience.

3. 国内高校毕业生大学英语四级(CET-4 425分)及以上;海外高校毕业生须达到同等水平;较好的英语或德语阅读能力,能够进行日常对话。

Graduates from domestic universities with CET-4 425 or above; graduates from overseas universities must reach the same level; good reading ability in English or German and able to conduct daily conversation.